Mission & Values

“Our Mission is to train principled and competent leaders within the lacrosse community, who will step forward with integrity to serve, lead, and influence their peers and fellow athletes.”

“…to train principled and competent leaders…”

Courage, competence, and character are at the core of every leader. A leader is influenced by the dedication to set values and/or an inspirational figure. Each leader is unique and chooses who or what they will follow. This reflects the leader’s true competence.

“…within the lacrosse community…”

We strive to promote the value of committing to both education and athletics. “Student-athlete” implies balance not compromise. Being a student-athlete can help you excel as a student AND as an athlete, if you are disciplined and have the right approach. Dedication to both athletics and academics equally, is the difference in setting a true example for others.

“…to step forward with integrity…”

Leaders who are willing to step forward with integrity are those who will make a difference. Being an honest and sincere leader means developing the core values of courage, competence, and character. Although these characteristics are not always perceived as “cool” by peers, they are the characteristics that will lead to long term success and unity.

“…to serve…”

By working on the fundamentals (skills and core values), you are serving others more than yourself. For most players, this may not be glamorous or fun, but success requires sacrifice.

“…to lead…”

Lead through serving others. Lead from the front, with courage and commitment. Lead by example both on and off the field.

“…and to influence…”

Influence others through a contagious spirit of humility, and dedication to the team’s goals. After hard work and consistent development, you can teach others.

Core Values

All aspects of our organization are directed by our core values and are instilled in our actions. These are not values that change from time to time, situation-to-situation, or person-to-person, but rather they are the underpinning of our organization's culture. Our core values are integral parts of our culture, and we aspire to live up to them in all that we do.


Standing up for your personal beliefs and values, while accepting the consequences of difficult, unpopular choices, and decisions. Do what is right, all the time.


Ultimate moral and ethical behavior, being a good example. Moral character refers to the collection of qualities that distinguishes one player from another. Character is the expression of behavior in consistent patterns across a range of situations by which a player is judged apart from intelligence, competence, or special talents.


Desiring to meet or exceed standards and expectations. Be proactive and seek the best solution. This comes from commitment and dedication.