About Harvest

Who We Are

“Live like a Champion.” This means, be dedicated to living out a principled life on the lacrosse field, in the classroom, among your peers, and within your families. To be excellent in one area, you must strive to be excellent in all areas of life.

Developing Life-Long Success For Lacrosse Players

At Harvest, we are dedicated to training players in a well-rounded and fundamental way, encouraging them to become leaders among their peers. We utilize creative coaching tactics to integrate lacrosse training with our philosophy and core values.


Our Coaches

Our coaches are skilled in their ability to present material in a way that players can remember, retain and practice what they have learned. We are fortunate to have an outstanding group of like-minded coaches. Our athletes can rely on them for instruction, guidance, and support. They balance hard work, fun, and discipline, while providing a positive and trusting environment.

Our staff strives to motivate, prepare, encourage, challenge, and teach all players at all skill levels. We are proud to have coaches from a variety of backgrounds, who bring diverse coaching styles and real-life lacrosse experience to our programs.


Our desire is not for players to neglect their duties at their respective schools. We hope that by training players in a well-rounded and fundamental way, they will bring the skills back to their teams and be leaders among their peers, helping their respective programs to grow and improve.

History of Harvest

On the ride home from college for Christmas break in 2010, Grant Catalino (Maryland) with his brother Michael (Duke) considered how they could help pass on their appreciation of lacrosse and the opportunities it provided them, to others in their hometown and in Rochester, NY.

And so the concept of Harvest Lacrosse was born. To have a “Harvest” of any sort, you start with a seed, add water and sunlight, and it grows. It requires attention to detail and basic necessities. This same concept applies to athletes; Start with a passion for the sport, add relationships, fundamentals & practice, and the individual develops.

Harvest Lacrosse was founded by Michael and Grant Catalino. Its' mission to serve, lead, and influence is designed to help kids incorporate academics, lacrosse and the core values of courage, character, and competence into their lives.