Hybrid Training

This training program is designed to accelerate player development and higher performances. Each training group will be broken up by age to ensure players’ safety and age-appropriate drills. We train players from all clubs or school programs. No restrictions.

Each week consists of one (1) 60-minute training session. Groups will train at the same scheduled day/time each week.


Our hybrid training sessions will be split into two parts, and have a progressive approach that builds on the prior week's training session. The curriculum throughout our Hybrid programs will introduce new individual and team concepts.

Part 1

Players will split up by position and focus on individual skill development. We will work on the athlete’s ability to learn and master new movement patterns while focusing on the individual skills that need the most attention.

Part 2

Players will compete in live game-like situations in a controlled environment. This portion of the session will allow players to apply the skills worked on at the beginning of the session against live competition.